Bishop’s Wardrobe

I started my fashion journey this year, anno 2022, with the goal of being able to look and present how I feel inside. The reason I wanted to get into EGL and EGA was mainly the aspect of revivalist historical clothing: unsurprisingly, I am a big lover of bygone styles and fashions. It helps me find a way to wear historically inspired clothes without having to look in the smallest nooks and crannies of the world, or commission handmade clothing that would cost a fortune, or buy fast fashion replicas that only hold up for one season, which would not do my conscience any good. While Lolita is anything but cheap, it is more affordable than other options.

With that, I can see my future dream wardrobe, EGL, EGA and other, containing many classic and gothic styles, handsewn pieces and DIY accessories, and also lots of offbrand vintage articles, simply because I prefer authentic looks rather than a lot of modern designs and prints that Lolita brands have to offer. Also, I want to try and reduce synthetic fibers for the world’s, and my own, wellbeing.

♡ Classic, Gothic, Ouji/Aristo, Kuro, Country, Dolly Kei
♡ Sheglit, victorian/historical influence, real gobelin, cotton, linen & velveteen, no print only pattern

EGL & Key

Alexia Frill OP

Sheglit, 2020

Antique Doll OP Set

Physical Drop, 2022

Limited Edition Striped OP

Dear Celine, 2014

Jaqcuard Waistcoat

Axes Femme, ?

Vintage & Secondhand

Striped Skirt


Rustic Parasol


Long Vest w/ Bunny Applique

El Corte Inglés ?

Handsewn & Selfmade